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Curriculum for Excellence

Getting it right for every child

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Our three to five room Routine

7.30 Freeplay

9.00 Welcome time

9.30 Planned experience

10.15 Outdoor play

10.50  Set up for lunch/ Handwashing

11.00  Lunchtime

12.00  Freeplay/ Outdoor play

13.00 Planned experience

13.30 Story, circle games and songs

14.00 Tidy up for snack

14.15 Snack time

15.00 Tooth brushing

15.30 Free play

16.00 Dinner time

18.00 Close











During your child's preschool years at Alltots you can be sure that all your childs educational and development needs will be met.

The curriculum


The curriculum for excellence aims to ensure that our children are happy, confident individuals who are encouraged to exploreand express themselves within the nursery setting.

Children assist our staff to develop our service through peer asessment and contributing to our planning through planning meetings and discussions.

At Alltots we strive to give children a sun environment where they can continue to learn and prepare for school.